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AEW Fight Forever is highly anticipated by most fans and the game would be better if it borrowed certain ideas from other titles.
There is a ton of hype surrounding AEW's first video game Fight Forever. Some questions about the game are still up in the air with many even wondering if CM Punk will remain on the cover considering his recent controversy at the company. Wrestling video games have evolved beyond sports entertainment and are a staple in the gaming world for casual watchers and even some fans who haven't watched wrestling in years.
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AEW has stood out, as a company, since its inception and many hope their first video game will do the same. There are tons of ideas and features from former wrestling video games that fans would love to see on Fight Forever and this list will examine ten of them.
WWF No Mercy revolutionized the story mode in 2000 when they allowed how a wrestler performed to change the outcome of their in-game story. Anyone who played the video game on Nintendo 64 remembers losing their mind when a wrestling game offered a non-linear storyline.
AEW has made it clear they value wins and losses. It's the first wrestling promotion to add rankings and that aspect of the company could help create an interesting story mode that changes with every win or loss on Fight Forever.
Fire Pro Wrestling was one of the last wrestling games that allowed users to import their own music into the video game to customize a created wrestler or active wrestler's entrance. With the expected addition of create-a-player, move set, and entrance, adding custom music could help Fight Forever stand out in the sea of wrestling games.
AEW will have a ton of new superstars that have never been featured in wrestling video games and many players will create custom WWE wrestlers to set up dream matchups. Roman Reigns Vs. Kenny Omega will be so much better if the "Tribal Chief" can enter the ring to his iconic entrance theme instead of default music.
Any longtime wrestling fan remembers SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain as one of the best wrestling games of all time. An often undersold aspect of this game is the usage of weapons. The weapons' physics was superb. You could stack things on top of each other in a way that helped the game feel real.
AEW has never been afraid to show off how much more hardcore they can be than other wrestling programs. Better weapon physics will go a long way in helping wrestling fans put on a Cody Rhodes Vs Sammy Guevara Ladder Match classic in the game.
Create-a-finisher mode was a very inventive change to WWE video games. Any fan who has ever dreamed of stepping into a wrestling ring has created a cool move in their head to avoid having to use a classic finisher that no one will ever associate with you, like Kevin Owen's Stunner.
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AEW helped introduce a ton of inventive finishers and continues to do so with the addition of new talent left and right. Giving players a chance to create their own, "One Winged Angel" will make Fight Forever a full AEW experience for fans.
Elevated gameplay that features thunderbolts and huge waves might not be for every fan, but it's hard to argue that they are not a good fit for an AEW video game. The company has helped create wrestling moves and spots that are larger than life.
WWE All Stars was an arcade game that added silly over-the-top camera moves and magic that made the game stand out. Some applications of those moments to Fight Forever might fit well with a video game that features the AEW wrestling style.
Fire Pro Wrestling World didn't have the amazing gameplay of SmackDown Vs. Raw, but it did allow for dream matchups between AEW and NJPW stars. In real life, the involvement of NJPW has been a great way to expand the world of wrestling for AEW.
Forbidden Door created NJPW/AEW dream matchups in real life. Anyone who purchases Fight Forever will want to play "Okada Vs. Adam Cole" or "Will Ospreay Vs. Kenny Omega" thanks to AEW television. It seems like the addition of NJPW players mixed in with the AEW roster could elevate Fight Forever to heights way beyond Fire Pro Wrestling World.
No one really knows what to expect in the story or universe modes for AEW Fight Forever. One aspect that went away from WWE video games after SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 was the story designer mode.
AEW tends to live in the arena cutting promos backstage and in the ring. This style feels fit to allow a story designer enough ability to create custom reactions and cut scenes that they have always wanted to see on AEW television.
SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain changed the gaming world with realistic backstage access during gameplay. WWE2K has also made it a huge part of the solo game modes. AEW often has big-time spots with wrestlers climbing all over the arena or battling in various places away from the ring.
Fight Forever could capitalize on the brutality of many of its wrestlers by allowing game modes with access all over the arena. As WWE video games have become tamer, the ability to fight wherever seems to have dwindled.
AEW has not been a company for a long time, but there are still plenty of moments that fans would love to relive. Kenny Omega Vs. Bryan Danielson that ended in a draw or CM Punk and MJF's Strap match are some major moments that will be replayed over and over again in Exhibition mode anyway.
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Adding a Showcase mode, where a "tale of the tape" sets up a great moment would be massive for the young company. Also, with Owen Hart's addition to the video game, it seems there could be a chance to have him and Jeff Hardy battle their 1995 match in the WWE.
Every wrestling fan secretly thinks they are a wrestling booker. GM mode on WWE video games changed what wrestling video games could be since it allowed them to create a world of wrestling that only exists in their mind. AEW has a ton of matches on the table that still have not happened, and those matches make GM Mode a perfect fit for the new video game.
With common talk of "long-term storytelling" among AEW fans, there is a big opportunity for Fight Forever to feature a GM mode that will create a ton of matches we will likely see in the future like MJF Vs. Adam Cole or Jon Moxley Vs. Swerve Strickland.
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