Bodybuilder Ray McNeil Wikipedia, Son, and Wife Sally McNeil

According to Wikipedia Details, Ray McNeil was an American bodybuilder who was shot and killed by his wife, Sally. 

Ray McNeil was a bodybuilder, US Marine Sergeant, and Entrepreneur. He appeared in several fitness magazines and won multiple renowned Championships as well.

Let’s unveil more about him.

Bodybuilder Ray McNeil Wikipedia

Ray McNeil was born in California, United States on December 17, 1964. He first served in the U.S. military as a Marine Sergeant and later joined his wife Sally in professional Bodybuilding.

Sources reveal that he won the title of Mr. California in 1991 and also won as Mr. Olympia.


He was famous as a professional Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, and Media Face. Recently a Netflix series titled Killer Sally was released where the story focuses on both Ray and his wife Sally.

Did Ray McNeil Have A Son?

Late Ray McNeil and his wife Sally shared two children together, a son named John and a daughter named Shantina.

There isn’t any information available on their children’s current whereabouts.

Meet His Killer Wife Sally McNeil

Ray met his wife Sally when both were serving in the U.S. Military. They had an instant connection which later turned into a serious relationship.

Both Ray and his wife had an interest in and passion for Bodybuilding. After his wife retired from the military she started working as a professional Bodybuilder and doing promotions for different products.

After a while, she started earning a hefty sum from her full-time job as a Bodybuilder. And soon her husband Ray also joined her in the business.

Both of them were seen as a couple and a duo in Bodybuilding competitions.

Why Did Sally Kill Her Husband?

The news of the murder of Ray made headlines Internationally. This came as quite a shock as the couple was also seen in support of one another in public.


In an interview, Sally revealed that her husband was often abusive to her. On valentine’s night, they had some conflicts with one another for some reason.

The quarrel soon become physical and Ray tried choking her. This is when she took out her gun and shot her husband twice.